Off Campus
C-DIT has started off campus centres to conduct its communication training courses in every district in Kerala, as well as other states and Gulf countries. The off campus centres must strictly follow the curricula and syllabus followed by C-DIT, which will be updated/revised/reviewed from time to time. The faculty should be qualified and must follow the strict qualification norms of the C-DIT specified from time to time and the faculty list must be approved. The space and facilities should conform to the standards specified by the C-DIT authorities. A continuous monitoring system/committee should monitor the conduct of the courses, the facilities provided etc. The fee structure should be common and uniform. There should not be any other form of fee other than those permitted by C-DIT.
C-DIT will be the evaluating agencyand will conduct examinations, evaluate and publish results, facilitate curriculum, structure the course content, etc. The functioning of the off campus centre must be transparent and C-DIT will have full authority to inspect everything including accounts.

Off Campus Courses

PG Diploma Courses
1.PG Diploma in Technical Writing  (Degree, 1Year, Rs 60000/-)   

Diploma Courses
1.Diploma in Tv Production & Marketing       (Plus Two, 1Year, Rs 100,000/-) 
2.Diploma in Animation                              (Plus Two, 1Year, Rs 80,000/-)  
3.Diploma in Sound Engineering                 (Plus Two, 1Year, Rs 80,000/-)
4.Diploma in Digital Media Production         (Plus Two, 6 Months, Rs 30,000/-)
5.Diploma in Web Design & Development   (Plus Two, 6 Months, Rs 20,000/-) 
6.Diploma in Multimedia & Animation          (SSLC, 1Year, Rs 40,000/-)   
7.Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design (SSLC, 6 Months, Rs 20,000/-) 

Certificate Courses
1. Certificate Course in Non-Linear Editing (SSLC, 3 Months, Rs 20,000/-) 
2. Certificate Course in Videography         (SSLC, 3 Months, Rs 15,000/-) 
3.Certificate Course in Digital Still Photography (SSLC, 5 Weeks, Rs 7,000/-) 

* Service tax 10.3% of the course fee applicable for all courses.

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